There aren’t many people who will run off to medical school after hearing about this kind of opportunity, perhaps, or those who will sign up for engineering school just to learn how to design grow lights. But there are enough people excited enough by the very idea of a medical marijuana industry that some far-sighted ones have started training people for it. I was Healed by Harlequin the gifted one. Some say Harliquin find this clone and I'm sure your going to be a happy camper..

Gus Escamilla is one. He’s the founder and CEO of Greenway University, which began in Southern California but two years ago moved their headquarters to Colorado (they still teach classes in California as well as a number of other medical states). In May 2010, Greenway University was approved by the Colorado Department Of Higher Education as an accredited vocational school. It was the first medical marijuana school in the country to accomplish this feat, and at this writing, remains the only one as well.

“One of the things we wanted to do from the get-go was set ourselves apart,” Escamilla told The 420 Times. “Essentially what we’ve been able to do is offer 16 courses covering everything you need to know, and all our instructors are approved by the state also.” Greenway has an internship program, job placement assistance, their own master grower and budtender certifications, and even awards MBA degrees (that’s Marijuana Business Administration, in case you were wondering).

Greenway University just opened a 25,000 square foot campus which includes not only a large teaching space but also media production studios. They are planning a complete facility under one roof through renting space to associated companies, such as Herbal Health Systems (a full-service physicians’ clinic); a hydroponics superstore; Greenway Nutrients (their own brand, developed in association with their own faculty); executive offices for attorneys, CPAs, and other professionals; and even a cannabis-friendly bank. The Future of Medical Marijuana Research.

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